Today I did the pre-filmed parts for the event. I managed to get a location for free –¬† – a pop up cinema decorated as a spaceship. The filming was done by myself and Mhari, one of the production team I recruited from CSM. A friend linked me with a cosmetics company who had used space suits in an advertising campaign, and kindly let me use them for free.

The actors were Kathryn (whom I had previously approached as a stakeholder due to her expensive experience with Punchdrunk and Secret Cinema), and James Kelly –¬† -who was outstanding, and whom Katheryn helped me to find.

The last few days have been extremely tough / stressful. I’ve met the venue to address advertising / ticket sales, rewritten the script (again), met a film editor for advice on adding effects to the video, purchased Adobe Premiere Pro and started watching tutorials in anticipation of creating a professional edit of the footage, lost a lead actor (and replaced him), been to Essex to collect space suits, found a ‘space pod’ to go into the venue (currently negotiating prices on a crane / flatbed lorry to see if this is feasible), met the production team to finalise decor, and finally, filmed this morning.

I have never been so far out of my comfort zone, and stressed. There’s a feeling of regretting going this big with my intervention, but equally all the books i’ve read this year talk about growth only coming from being out of one’s depth, so there’s consolation there.

There’s also huge consolation in the fact that the shoot was great, the actors were amazing and the set location was perfect! We improvised some scenes and dramatically improved them, and overall i’m feeling much better about the event.

I’ve also created over 60 new types of facebook adverts based on the demographics and preferences of previous ads, hopefully to get tickets moving. Within 24 hours i’ll be able to see what is and isn’t working and funnel money into the successful ads.

10 days to go!

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