New Video / Concept Development

The big learning from presenting my intervention today, was that the common thread of feedback, from press to stakeholders to facebook advert performance, was that the concept is somewhat confusing / complex.

In bearing this in mind for the next iteration, my second event seeks to marry music and storytelling in a simpler, more natural way. With that in mind, here is one of the videos for the second event. Messaging of an elaborate story will be on the website, but the advertising needs to be punchy and clear from the start.


In addition, a conversation with an observer led me to articulate the downside of advertising this concept – the people like Kanye’s music but dislike his involvement of politics. My plan for this, is that the website will have 3 options for bespoke ticket links ‘Vote Michelle’, Vote Trump’ and ‘Vote Kanye’. Each is a link to a ticket, to give agency to the audience, as well as taking out the concept of having to have a political view to enjoy the party.

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