Monday Tutorial


On Monday we had a tutorial on final project questions and their development using research and critical thinking.

I thought it was an excellent lecture, and all the more instructive because examples were given. Case studies with examples are so useful, and other students remarked similar sentiments.

I also thought that the course got to see the tutors in a different (and positive) light. It was a real shame that the tutors weren’t all giving lessons in the early part of the course in my opinion.

With regard to my own question, I have spent the last couple of weeks attacking the practicalities of my interventions. I feel that perhaps my question may develop as I spend the next month delving back into the theory / literature on immersive theatre.

So many of the books I have been reading for leisure (outside of my field of research) are related to the general idea of ‘doing’ being superior to untestable academic theory – an idea crystallised by Nassim Taleb’s ‘Skin In The Game’ which I recently revisited. My gut feeling is that this could be the direction of my academic research. The next post will expand on this.

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